One of the services the Foundation for Regional Development Ltd. provides is quality data analysis about Population growth and decline in regional NSW. We have gathered the data from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and collated it in such a way that it has become an eight year run on study about the percentage of growth and decline in regional NSW.

Consultancy Services

The Foundation for Regional Development Ltd brings together experience and knowledge of regional communities and economies based in regional NSW and Queensland.

We live and work in regional Australia.  We offer a unique service to communities, businesses and the not for profit sector to assist in developing solutions, business planning and community development.

We want to work with regional Australia, to help grow businesses and communities.

Our approach offers assistance with planning, development and also implementation.  We want to be there for the long-haul and see your community or business make positive change.

We can offer your organisation or your community the proposals, planning and professionalism to satisfy short and long-term contracts.

Our team has experience across a number of areas and has the capacity to network with specialists.

Our Experience & Specialities



The team has experience in planning and implementing industry related clusters. Each has been responsible for identifying and developing collaborations between and within industries and often involving funding from the NSW and Australian Governments.

Community and Regional Development

Peter Bailey is the instigator and coordinator of the Country & Regional Living Expo, the Country Week concept. This premier event is held Annually in Sydney and has previously been held in Brisbane to link communities and people looking to relocate to regional areas. Peter has been an active community member in business-to-business networks.


The team will take the time to understand and analyse your issues to derive effective and efficient solutions.  Each member is experienced in coordinating and facilitating workshops, engaging with business and communities as well as government and non-government agencies.

Government Relations & Grant Writing

Each member of the team has vast experience and many contacts in Local, State an Federal Government spheres. The team can provide assistance to identify and target grant funding, identifying new opportunities and networks.

Marketing & Branding

The power of marketing and branding is well understood by the team.  Peter, particularly. has a proven track record in defining and developing regional development.


Peter Bailey started and owned one of the largest computer and office equipment suppliers in the New England. Peter has extensive retail management experience, working with national suppliers and a proven track record in business management. All parties to this project have had significant experience in working and dealing with large corporations.

Skill Shortages & Analysis

The most recent project completed by the Foundation for Regional Development was a Gap Analysis into marketing regional areas as an alternative to urban living.  An innovative approach to targeting skill shortages and natural attraction together with an innovative marketing approach was developed.

Tourism & Events

The team has solid credentials in tourism and events. Peter Bailey has developed a unique Expo targeting people would like to relocate to regional areas, linking communities with people.


Here is a PDF version of the Population statistics for you to browse. Note the decline of population in many regional communities, in particular communites with 10000 population or less. It just further demonstrates that the Foundation for Regional Development Ltd. is needed to continue its proactive work to preserve regional communites and to help them propsper.



The Foundation for Regional Development Ltd is able to offer research services across a broad range of areas including:

  • Skills shortages
  • Population shift
  • Business sector needs analysis
  • Training needs analysis
  • Community analysis
  • Attraction strategies for businesses

Planning and Growth

The Foundation is able to provide services and support in planning and growth, particularly in the areas below:

  • Develop and implement skills shortage strategies
  • Population growth: individual/families attraction, relocation and retention
  • Marketing for business attraction, relocation and retention
  • Community growth and development
  • Follow up systems for expos and events


Marketing is a key component in community development in all areas including population growth, tourism and economic development. The Foundation is able to offer the following marketing services:

  • Planning and cost analysis
  • Community marketing strategy
  • Implementation
  • Assessment


Training provides crucial support to ensure program implementation is effective. The Foundation can provide training in a wide range of areas including:

  • Promoting and marketing communities
  • Networking and developing community partnerships
  • Maximising results at events and expos
  • Sponsorship attraction and management

Events and Expos

Events provide an opportunity to interface with potential new customers, residents and business owners and the Foundation can support with these events:

  • Country & Regional Living Expo
  • Conferences
  • Targeted events for individual communities or clusters


The Foundation for Regional Development Ltd is able to provide the following support, as a one off, or on an ongoing basis:

  • Mentoring
  • Relocation support
  • Provide interview panellists
  • Job description development
  • Staff recruitment