Our 2016 Regional Living Expo

About the 2016 Expo

The Expo acted as an opportunity for city dwellers who were anxious about housing affordability, eager to escape high mortgages and long daily commute times to find information about the vibrant communities and job opportunities beyond the metropolitan boarders.

Who Exhibited?

• Coastal and regional communities
• Communities enthusiastic about attracting young professionals and trades people.
• Employment Services
• Businesses looking to relocate to the regions
• Associations with a regional focus
• Real Estate agents
• Companies and organisations looking to recruit skilled and professional employees
• Chambers of Commerce and Development Corporations

Regional Images

Who was the Expo for?

  • Young professionals & tradespeople looking to relocate out of Sydney
  • People looking to access affordable real estate
  • Businesses looking to expand or relocate out of Sydney
  • Undergraduates looking to start a career
  • Families looking for a healthier lifestyle
  • Investors seeking information and prospects for business and real estate
  • Job seekers looking for a better life
  • Sydney Basin Farmers being squeezed by urban infill
  • Aviation Businesses based in Mascot Camden & Bankstown

Where was it?

Big Sydney show

Facts about Sydney

  • Migration from Sydney to other parts of Australia is growing
  • Sydney’s growth is from overseas migration
  • Average house price is now over $1,000,000
  • Residents often ignorant of regional areas
  • Greater Sydney populations reached 5,000,000 in April 2016

Facts from Previous Expos

86% of visitors were aged between 25 and 60 years
85% of visitors were planning to relocate
67% of visitors are planning to move in 1-3 years
20% of visitors were planning to move in this calendar year

The following events were adjacent to & during the Expo

Sydney Good Food and Wine Show

Anticipated attendance 20,000

Magic the Gathering - Grand Prix

Anticipated attendance 2,000

Discover the Americas Travel Expo

Anticipated attendance 12,000

The Integrated Marketing Campaign

In 2016, there was an opportunity for Exhibitors to be involved in the event marketing by allocating 15%
of their site revenue to the media type of their choice either:
  • An approved radio station such as WSFM or 2GB
  • An ad in a newspaper supplement distributed through targeted suburbs OR
  • A digital promotion through Facebook and Google