Wayne LoweWith over 19 years in the role of Economic development for the Nambucca Shire, Council has been the local support for the economic drivers within the broader community.


Key functions in the economic development position are facilitating business and industry investment enquiries to the shire including holding;

  • Investment attraction, marketing and business expansions, relocations and start ups
  • Business development functions to help businesses to grow
  • Industry development, sector wide approaches such as clustering / industry networking
  • Infrastructure provision, ensuring appropriate infrastructure to support growth strategies

Over the past few years, Council has facilitated many millions of dollars worth of investment and employment creation.  The Shire’s unemployment rate fallen from over 21% down to 9% with the Nambucca Shire Council providing the facilitation of business and industry development initiatives and provision of future employment and land for future economic growth. The council programs are aimed at continuous improvement and professional development for all businesses within the Shire who are willing to be involved

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