We have now presented our report on the RMF to the NSW Government through the Department of Trade & Investment.

Over the last few months we have presented the findings to the Deputy Premier Minister for Trade & Investment and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services Hon Andrew Stoner MP; The Treasurer the Hon Mike Baird and The Minister for Finance the Hon Greg Pearce MLC.

The findings highlighted that the “Decade of Decentralisation” commitment and the target of an extra 470,000 in regional NSW by 2036 was unlikely to be met if present population growth rates are maintained.

NSW and in particular greater Sydney is bleeding population to Queensland and in particular the SE corner and as Sydney is expected to grow by a further 2,000,000 by 2036 more and more people will seek an alternative.

The report highlighted there are effectively two groups in Sydney those residents that don’t know of regional NSW and those that do.

The first group were highlighted with a recent analysis of ABS stats that showed approx. 33% of Sydneysiders were born overseas.

Ignorance of Regional NSW means more and more people are unaware of the opportunities on offer in regional areas hence the movement interstate.

Recent research from Victoria highlighted that an extra 50,000 in regional Victoria would cost the Government $1,000,000,0000 however 50,000 in Melbourne would cost $3,100,000,000 imagine how much extra that metro cost would be in Australia’s most expensive city – Sydney!

Victoria has had a state-wide marketing campaign in place for close on 10 years and hence their growth rate in regional areas is 3 times regional NSW.  They have had the same drought and GFC and have had no kick from the Mining Industry.

FRDL will continue to lobby Govt. for the creation of a State wide marketing fund to promote people and businesses relocating to regional NSW wherever that may be.