Foundation for Regional Development Limited

The Foundation for Regional Development Ltd is a dynamic and innovative organisation that has been established to:

  • Promote country and regional Australia particularly to people and businesses who may want to move.
  • Partner with communities, governments, development organisations and industry to achieve the Foundation’s and other organisations’ objectives.
  • Assist with investment and expansion of business in country and regional Australia.
  • Provide a platform and voice for the development of country and regional Australia.

The Foundation, for many years, has facilitated a Country Week Expo and now the Regional Living Expo; initially in Sydney and then for a few years in Brisbane, we are providing a vehicle for regional communities to interface with and promote to the metropolitan marketplace.


Background…Why, the Foundation for Regional Development Limited?

The growth of the Expos, the continued population decline in many parts of country and regional Australia helped us to recognise that country and regional areas need continued development with professional marketing. This has resulted in the formation of a not for profit organisation, the Foundation for Regional Development Ltd.

Through the restructuring as a Foundation, the organisation is now able to encourage and invite broader participation in decision-making and strategic development as well as engaging influential individuals and businesses to work towards its goals. The Foundation is managed by an independent Board of people who are passionate about country and regional Australia.

The Foundation will seek funding for a variety of projects; Country & Regional Living Expo, Building Regional Australia a Summit, Regional Marketing Fund.  We at the Foundation have the motivation, the innovation, the enthusiasm too – all that is missing are the funds to make this all an ongoing reality!

Over recent years research has been carried out in conjunction with the University of Sydney. That research has provided an improved understanding of what drives people to move out of Sydney; where they move, in what timeframes they move and more importantly – what ensures they stay.

This information is of considerable use in determining the best approach for service delivery to communities, supporting population growth, attraction and retention of individuals, families and businesses and developing a collaborative and strategic marketing campaign to start to alter the negative perceptions of country and regional Australia. More research however is necessary and is planned by the Foundation.

The Foundation also works with communities to assist them to better understand community dynamics, partnership models and marketing plus undertaking regular analysis of the communities to assist implement strategies and programs to encourage growth and prosperity.

The Foundation for Regional Development Ltd will become an independent voice to continue to lobby government for improved resourcing in country and regional Australia.